Friday, June 30, 2017


Hi Guys,
It’s been a while. 1 year already. And I’m coming back again.
How are you all ?

 Do you see any different about me and my boyfriend (Steven)?
We became fat together !!!!!!!
I already tried to diet. But always failed. I always eat this and that. Can’t control my appetite.
Last year I had said I gained 8 kg. and this year gain more 2kg.
Now I gained 10kg !! OMG!!!!!!!
That’s why now I rarely post any ootd photos. Most of my clothes I can’t wear it. TT
I had fitness. But it become I got injured on my knee. So I can’t fitness right now. I already go to get a massage on my leg. But it not any changes. Still like that till now. So only one solution is, less eat junk food, snacks, and etc. focus on healthy food.
next year I will let u guys see a different me. ^^

My thesis done. Now only waiting for graduation ceremony. Graduation ceremony will heading at Pacific hotel on next month 22 July. Me and Stev will also graduation together !! we fight together on our thesis. And now we can graduation together,,,,

It’s time for us to focus on our careers. He working everyday. He working from 07.00 o’clock till 21.00 o’clock. From morning till night. Nonstop..  Weekend also need to work. So we don’t have any time to hang out together.

And me also working. I’m working in aluminium company.  I always OT. Because my boss got many projects in singapore. And produce in batam.  So must chase it. But I weekend no need to work.
Me and Stev only can contact by phone. Because he always busy. 

Last month Stev got off from his boss. We hang out together. At first we have a lunch Warkop96... after that we go to Barelang. We go to Pa Auk Tawya Batam temple. It look like Borobudur temple. That’s mini version of Borobudur temple. It’s quite far. It take 1 hour from my home to there by car.. before we go there, we buy so many snacks… we eat at car.. that’s the most wonderfull day since we spend our time together. Because we rarely go to holiday. Last time is on January 2016. We go to Singapore together. It’s been 1 year.

I always cherish our relationship. Because this is a ordeal from god. I believe we will past it. Although it’s difficult. We will never know before we do so. Remember one thing, the work we do will be worth it. Learning to appreciate a process for a change. Be patient, everything are starting with hard phase before it became easy. I hope after all this, we can often go to holiday together,,,,

Thank you. See you on my next post…
Good Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Birthday

Hi Guys,
Howdy ^^
a few weeks ago was my birthday (5th April) . i didn't celebrate my 21st birthday, but this year i got so many surprise from my friend.

my first early birthday surprise is from my university friend. they are Novi and Nelly. usually i call them double fang sister. it's from their chinese name (jiafang and shufang). we go to Zenbu Restaurant. at there i had stomatchache. i go to toilet. after i go out from toilet, they disappear. then i call nelly. nelly said novi forget lock her home's door. so novi want to pass the key to her mother. then i wait wait and wait.. suddenly i heard birthday song from Restaurant. then they sing birthday songs. actually they go to collect the cake from cake shop. not go to pass the key to novi's mother. they're lying to me.

my second early birthday surprise is from Zenbu Restaurant. after double fang sister give me surprise, i also got surprise from zenbu restaurant. the manager from Zenbu suddenly give me sushi and they design it like birthday cake.

my third early birthday surprise is from SMA Ananda friend. they are Erna, Jufri, Penny, Suryani, Lily, Santi. at first we go to Nature. Erna said she want to treat us. after that we go to Morning bakery. then after that, they give me cake. it's really surprising me. but i also got slap from erna. TT.. because she think i already saw the cake. actually i don't know what are they doing..  LOL..

and now is my official birthday. my forth surprise is from my important person. my boyfriend.
he make me angry at first. he said he don't have money to celebrate my birthday and buy me present. then after i back home from my office, he give me surprise when i take a bath. my brother lying to me. he said he want use toilet. and i answer to him. we have many toilet at home. then he don't know how to answer me..
my boyfriend give me purse. then we go to dinner at socialites cribs. at there, he suddenly hug me and give me Alexandre Christie couple watches. he ever give me that watches before. but i don't know i put at where. it's gone when i sauna and gym at Hotel Utama. maybe someone steal my precious watches. that watches is very meaningful and important to me. after dinner, we go to Ocarina. after that, go home.

my fifth late birthday surprise is from my SMP Ananda friend. they're Septiany and Christianto. they never give me surprise. they ask me go out and sang birthday song at street. so embarassing..  then they give me jco donuts pretend it like a cake.

my last late birthday surprise is from my SMA Ananda friends. Group Sissy. they're Linda, Given, Erna, Merry, and Diana. we go to kangen cafe. then merry and erna want go to toilet, then suddenly i hear someone talking with me at my back. they said, "excuse me sis" then they suddenly give me birthday cake. and we also take many funny photos.

Thank you and Love u all...