Thursday, August 28, 2014

Right now

i take this photos at 2-3 months ago. please excuse my weird pose.. my friend said i look like a koala. i think it's okay. because koala is too cute... hahaha
actually i'm not a professional blogger. i'm just ordinary blogger who love to blogging about my daily activities. but i know how to mix and match an outfit that suit for me.

i don't know what's wrong with my parents recently. they always said why don't i find a boyfriend and dating. because most of my cousin and family already have boyfriend and girlfriend. oh my god.. i'm just 20 not 30. haha... but i admit. i ever think i want to find one. but i seen most of my friends always end crying and getting hurt. and i don't want to end up like them. i afraid i will regret and i also afraid that i will leave my parents behind and focus on my boyfriend. i should not be selfish. now i will focus with my job and earn many many money to gave it to my parents. that's what i think right now. how about you guys? you can also share with me too.. maybe we're have the same thinking...


  1. well I'm almost 25 and still no boyfriend so you are safe for now :)
    I think the right person will come at the right time and you just need to keep your hearts and mind open

    love your striped skirt, Kristina

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  2. I'm also 20 and don't have a boyfriend yet haha.. I so feel you, my family and friends also ask me the same question xD I actually think the same way like you. I'd rather wait a few years and find the right guy, instead of rushing and find one that might break my heart later. Just don't worry about finding a boyfriend, he might appear sooner or later ;) For now, just enjoy your single life ;P

    btw. the yellow blouse and striped skirt are a great pairing :)

  3. cute top!
    just follow you, hope you follow me back ❤


  4. nice look
    new post:

  5. lovely! xx

  6. :)) super skirt and nice color combination ;)

  7. I love this look, and the pictures are great :)

  8. Divino el atuendo, en especial la falda. Seguimos tu blog, síguenos: abrazo.