Friday, July 25, 2014


hi guys.. how are you ?
last week i went to singapore with my office friends. they are yanti (middle) and diana (right) and miss deasyana. we go to universal and many place. we played transformer. it's very awesomeeeeeeeee.... it make me more addicted to play it.. and the scariest one is mumi... hwaaaaaahwaa.... most of my friends said the famous one at universal is transformer. now i'm going to save my money and go there again. and my next target is thailand. wait for me thailand !!!
me, yanti, and diana

failed action.. hahaha.. please excuse our expression,,

garden by the bay..
with yanti.

me, yanti, diana, and miss deasyana

i take this photo when we're at marinabay. and suddenly miss deasyana said that i look alike with that doll. and she ask me to take a photo and copy it.

that's my reason why i hate selfie. i have a big face. if i selfie, i will look fat.
do you know how to make my face smaller? if you know, please let me know. i really need it..

angry expression. because it's very hot...
i change my shoes... because my leg already hurt... it really make me look like ahjummaa (auntie)... but i don't care anymore. no one know me at singapore... hahaha..

me with diana
yanti changed her outfit. i love that outfit more than before.. yanti did a good job.. don't kill me yayy yantii..... ahhaha..

my mouth look like a duck.. hahah

heyy.. come on..  walking pose.. diana look so cool with that photo..

Louis Vuitton.. i really want to go there and buy their product.. but it definitely will be very very very expensive...

hi my twinnie.. you're so cute.. will you go home with me ? ahhaaha

me and diana

do you realize i cut my hair and my bangs? what do you think about my new hair?
my mother like it so much. she said i look more younger.. but my friends said i'm not suit with short bangs.. and i also don't like it. because i have a small forehead.. most of people said small forehead is a must with long bangs. and i agree with that. wait me my long bangs. please grows faster .... what do you think about my new hair?

wait for me thailand.. my next target is YOU !!!!