Saturday, June 21, 2014

This is my favourite place at bcs mall when i want to take an outfit photo... because i'm not confident when i take a photos at crowded place... 
at my previous post, i had said that i want to act like Y's friend. but i don't know why... why i still cares about her condition and health when she sick. have i forgive Y ?.. is it true friendship ? 

Outfit Details ::
Top :: Qone
Skirt :: Lyee fashion
Bag :: -
Flats :: -

Saturday, June 14, 2014

So sad. very sad. very very sad. i'm very disappointed. yesterday it's the last day to submit my assignment. the day after yesterday,  i must finish my assignment. and i did it until 2 o'clock at midnight. i must wake up on 6.30 o'clock and prepare going to work. my friend (i don't want to say her name at here. just call her Y). Y asked me to send mine to her. she said she wouldn't copy mine. she will edit it. but after we submit our assignment to our teacher, our teacher check it. i turns out the contents of our assignment are same ! and our teacher asked.. who's the one copy it ?? Y just silent. she didn't say anything. me too. after that, our teacher threw my assignment and Y's assignment to the table. because of her, my score became 20. but after break time, i went to teacher. i beg her to give me a second chance. i will revise. and she give me 2 days to complete my assignment.
it 's not just once. i had ever help Y to complete another assignment and she just sat there and plays with her phone. now i already realize what kind of person she is and i already awake. she don't even think me as her friend and she just treat me like her maid all this time. always ask me to do anything she want, help her to complete her assignment. don't forget. I'M NOT YOUR MAID ! I'M YOUR FRIEND !. this is the last time i ever help you. there will not be the second time again. now i will just let it pass and act like your friend. i never want to be your maid !
yesterday i also tell the incident to my old school friend. she said i'm too naive. but i think i'm not naive. i just feel pity for her. she broke my trust and now it's too difficult for me to believe someone again. really.. it's too difficult !!!

don't forget with my outfit... what do you think my outfit ? please excuse my belly fat.. hahaha..

Outfit details ::
top : Vlarie
Jeans :: -
Outher :: Redrose
Boots :: Cozzy