Saturday, May 17, 2014

is that okay ?

Hi guys ..... hello.... how are you all ??
how's your saturday night ?
i'm just staying at home. dating with my lovely laptop, watching anime.. actually i'm not just like kpop. i'm also "otaku". anime was very cute. i love their eyes. and i also love to drawing anime. how about you guys ?

Outfit details ::
Top :: KL 
Hat :: Unknown
Long pants :: Jwesty
Ray bean sunglasses :: BCS (i forgot the shop's name)

Friday, May 2, 2014


after i opened my gallery from my phone, i just found that i forget post this outfit to my blog. this is what i wore to my friend's birthday two months ago (when i still fat). i wore my favourite denim jacket from redrose and my favourite boots from cozzy. i hate this high waist pants very much. i already regret bought this pants. because it make my thigh looks fatter.

Outfit details ::
Denim jacket :: redrose
highwaist pants :: setron
boots :: cozzy
yellow socks :: it's me