Monday, December 30, 2013

last post (2013)

hi all..
This is my last post in 2013. and i also post some random photos..
i just want to say "HAPPY NEW YEAR"
how will you spend your new year party guys ?

Outfit details ::
Top (inner) : Top 100 department store
Outwear : Paulsmith
Pants : Unknown
Paris flats : Cozzy

Monday, December 23, 2013

i'm coming again

Hi all.... i'm here again..
sorry for didn't post anything for a month.. i know i have broken my promise of being active in this blog.. because i'm busy with my homework...hahaha
christmas is coming.....hope you all are in the christmas mood .. At christmas i will go to salon, colouring my hair and change my hair style... how will you spend your christmas party guys ? you can share with me too.

Outfit Details ::
Top : GA
Pants : MZ Fashion
Flats : Cossy
Outwear : Top 100 Department store