Saturday, July 13, 2013

my design







my first design.... very bad right? 
please execuse it..








today i want to share about my design... what do you think about my design? 
design is my hobby.... besides design, i also like dance and time i also want to share my drawing with you all...
my brother always said my design was very bad... it not creative at all.. and i also noticed it...all of my design was from my mind.. i draw all of them when i still in high school... many of them still not finish..i will finish it...
i'm very adore for a people that good in drawing... i hope i will become like them.....
because i'm just newbie, there are still many things i need to learn.. maybe some of you will think my design was very ugly... please excuse it... :)
any opinion for my design? i need it !!
which one do you like most?
thank you  ^^

Saturday, July 6, 2013

saturday was coming

Hi guys... how are you all?
sorry for not post anything for a month.. because i'm busy with my work. and today just have a time to hang out with my lovely cousin.. she's also my photographer..
did you realize i always wore that top? because i like it very much... and it's more easy to match it with any outfit..i ever match it with high waist pants in previous post... they said that i match it with a pants i got from my aunt. i think it's casual.. but my mom said my today's outfit like lao a ma (it means grandma in english)..she really hates if i wear that pants...and she said that if i wear that pants again, she will throw it away..... what do you think about my outfit? it really looks like a lao a ma?

outfit details 
top :: unknown (from aunt)
inner :: Top100 department store
pants :: unknown (from aunt)
flats :: step
bag :: smart girl
bow :: my handmade