Sunday, May 26, 2013

hi are you guys doing ? 
sorry for didn't post anything in a few week... i'm busy with my work... now i worked in fusionmotor as accounting staff.. it's a good company and the boss also very nice.... because i'm just graduate, there are still many things i should learn.. i hope i will stay long at that company...

my photo effect was no good... please execuse it... :)

how do you think about my outfit? that collar make me deep in love with that dress... but i look fat when i wore it.... i gained a weight lately....and that dress also look short for me. because i'm very tall..  i almost 170 cm...
have a nice day all..

outfit details ::
dress :: cuttie shop
belt :: unknown
boots :: cozzy shop
yellow socks :: it's me
bracelet :: GFO

Sunday, May 12, 2013

the red simple one

i think my yesterday outfit was very simple..i seldom wear trousers... according me, i think trousers make us seem not special.... that's just my opinion... how about you, guys?? you can share with me about your opinion too...

outfit detail ::
top :: J & M
pants (is jeans) :: unknown
bag (hermes) ::  sevila
flat shoes :: unknown

Saturday, May 4, 2013

different.. go.. go..

i receive this america's flag top shirt from my aunt...i love it very much... the quality of the fabric was very good... it's very smoothly and the combination also very good too... i match it with my favourite high waist pants.. because it didn't make me feel fat...

guys,,,i also want to share it with you... 2 days ago, me and my friend has been offered to interview to work at filiphine as costumer service.. it's very good chance for me... i can learn a lot of things at there.. and also can improve my english well...i must appreciate it... but what a pity... the result made me sad... they told to me that i can go there but at next year.... because i'm too young and i just friend was really lucky.. because he already turn 19...he has been in selection.... and i ask him to wait me 1 year at there.... i will go there at next year....

top :: unknown (got from aunt)
high waist pants :: match
playboy shoes :: KL
clutch :: JQ 
bracelet :: my hand made
ring :: GFO