Tuesday, April 2, 2013

hang out with friends .... Barca...

yesterday me and my classmates had a photo shoot at temenggung's field...  the field was very big.. it's more comfortable if we hunting at there...and the view at there also very nice.. we can see a sunset and sunrise at there too... it also be my best experience in my life..

look at my odd face....LOL

the photographer also my friend's aunt too... so it's more easy to ask her help us take many photos..
to photos result haven't out yet... before that we use my friend's ipad and sII to take a photos...

this what i wore yesterday..... 
barca shirt - lend from my friend
LSlobe fashion high waist pants - shopaholic bcs
playboy shoes - KL
rayban sunglasses - unknown


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  2. Nice outfit and dresses!
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