Thursday, January 17, 2013


i just back from bcs mall... i went shopping again with my mother, my brother, and my cousin.... same with before, today i saw to many clothes that i like.... but my mother don't let me buy it...  she said, the clothes what i look it's very ugly... we always have a different opinion in fashion... finally, we had a same opinion in shoes...  so we just bought it... it's very expensive.. it cost almost Rp 250.000.....
after we shopping, we spent our time to ate ice cream together... what a pity i didn't take photo when i ate ice cream.. haha...

today, i wore feathered sweater (i bought at ten shop), stocking, playboy shoes , hermes bag (i use this bag lately. because i just threw a few bags. i will bought a new bag after chinese new year..)
did you realize that i look fat when a wore sweater???


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  2. Cute sweater and your bag is SO GORGEOUS :)!!!


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  4. Hahaha I also have different opinions when I shop with my mum too! Ends up she always rejects my purchases. Anyway, thanks for dropping by! Sure I'd love for us to follow each other, follow you now!

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  6. you look so pretty! I love your sweater!

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  7. Fat? You look amazing in that jumper, I love it! It is so gorgeous on you x

  8. Love that sweater and boots :)

  9. Love your sweater and boots :)


  10. Your blog is sooo cute!!)))
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  11. Cute top!! it looks so fluffy! :)

  12. I think as you get older, your taste will be more and more like your mom
    I know I am
    I remember when I was in high school and anything I wear, my mom will be like "what in the world are you wearing?" and I have to change
    but as I get older, my mom definitely approves almost all my clothings. Hihi

    I don't think you look fat at all in the sweater!
    I absolutely love the boots you bought :)

    The Sweetest Escape