Monday, December 24, 2012


hy are you all? i didn't post anything at here for an one week i will allow me to post anything at my it's officially start boring at this friend were having their own activities and  i'm just staying at home and spending all day with my family..i sometimes feel jealous for them.. hahaha..
my hair accesories
the long pointed one i got it from my besties when my birthday...
handmade bow.. i like this most...
i made it by my self..
and the red one i got it from my besties when she spend her holiday at spore....
handmade bracelet.
i made it by myself..

it's raining lately. i hate this days..because it's hard for me to take an outfit photo, make me sleepy, and ruined my i just take my stuff photo... but rainy can make me sleep well... hahaha....  do you feel same with me? or you have your own activities?
today is Christmas eve.. tomorrow is Christmas day... have you make an activity list for tomorrow? i think i'm just sleeping, playing game, online, and watching korean drama at home.... i hope at tomorrow my besties will ask me to hang out with them at a sudden... 
guys,,,, which one do you like my stuff at above?


  1. hey, i just nominating you for the liebster Award :)
    check out my blog :)